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KickStarter page now live!

The Kickstarter is live until October 2nd where people will have the opportunity to help Summoner's Isle grace tabletops across the globe. With manufacturing and fulfillment already in place, if successfully funded I aim for the files to be sent off as soon as possible, so that backers will receive their copies in great time. Spread the word! As a first time indie publisher my reach is not that far, but with open communications, a positive outlook and a little help from yourself I think we can make this happen. So without further ado… LINK TO THE KS PAGE

Summoner's Isle coming to Kickstarter 4th September

I am super excited (and nervous) to announce that Summoner's Isle will be live on Kickstarter from September 4th 2018. It's been had work but I have had lots of help from some very talented and knowledgable people. If successful this will mean that Summoner's Isle be able to spread t's leathery dragon-like wings and explore the world! *fingers crossed*