The traits for which we are known

Peculiarity is in every sense an indie board game publisher. We set up Peculiarity as way to get ideas out of our heads and onto your table, what we make is a little quirky - you could say peculiar - with a focus on accessibility and fun. It's quite possible that you'll see handmade versions of our games long before the final version as, quite simply, we love making stuff, it makes us happy☺So if you see us at an expo, come and see what we're working on!

With our latest game, Sumo Gnomes, we wanted the game have as small an environmental impact as possible. Plastic is at a minimum here, with all the components being made from recycled or forest friendly materials. We even chose a printer that is recognised as the most environmentally friendly games producer worldwide, they also pay their staff fairly too. All well above and beyond what many bigger games publisher are doing, so considering our size, we're pretty proud with what we managed to achieve.

If you are interested in any of our games, please use the "Contact Us" page to let us know.