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Sumo Gnomes

Become a Sumo Gnome wrestling to eject your opponent from the tree stump arena! 
Use custom dice to move, push, spin and trick your way around the stump, looking for that crucial advantage you'll need to push your opponent off and claim victory!
Sumo Gnomes is a quick and portable game that is ready to play in less than a minute and will pop back in your pocket when battling is done.

This game is in the final stages of development, it has been well received at various gaming conventions across the UK and and we are now applying the final touches before heading to Kickstarter where we hope to raise the funds for a full retail release!

We are starting to get feedback from reviewers and I'm happy to say it's all been good so far. If you would like to see a video that shows how the game plays then I here's one I put together using a preview copy that I made myself (I like making things)

If all goes well the base game will be made in Germany and the deluxe game will be made in Hungry. Deluxe you say? Why yes, as well as the pocket version I am working on a hand made version that uses 30mm dice which is played on an actual tree stump!

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In addition to this, I shall be actively trying to recruit interested parties to subscribe to our newsletter, which will be instrumental in letting people know when the Kickstarter will go live, if you have not yet subscribed, hit the button below:

In preparation for the show I have had banners and a table cover made up which will hopefully look a bit better than this poor attempt of a mock up 😁

I'll take lots of pictures whilst I'm there and follow up with how it went at a later date. Wish me luck!